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Finishing of Grand Park Residence apartments

Because we respect our clients, the developer of Grand Park Residence complex offers you absolutely every detail that certifies the high quality of the works. You can always check their status on the website section dedicated to chasing which is periodically updated with images from the site or you can visit and discuss with our team of engineers and architects relating to every detail of our constructions.



  • The resistance structure is made of reinforced concrete foundations, columns, diaphragms, floors, attics and monolithic reinforced concrete stairs
  • Ceilings are tile type 20 cm thick – for the apartments not to have ceiling beams and not to know when the neighbour comes home
  • Apartments have balconies with widths between 1.40 m and 2.00 m, many apartments being equipped with specially designed niche so you can dine on the terrace.
  • The exterior walls are made up of Porotherm 25 cm thick brick type
  • Masonry is insulated at exterior with 10 cm extruded / expanded polystyrene and finished with decorative plaster reinforced with glass fibre net
  • At the exterior, the masonry will be finished with decorative plaster, textured, creamy white and aluminium grey
  • Interior separating walls between apartments are made of brick masonry Porotherm 25 cm type.
  • Internal partition walls inside the apartments are YTONG 10 cm brick type and chutes installations are concealed by double layer wallboard and insulated with mineral wool 5 cm thick.

Half-finished apartments

  • Energetic certificate class A
  • PVC exterior carpentry will be with five chambers, anthracite grey colour, double glazing triple layered (clear glass). Sills will be made of galvanized and coated polyester of anthracite grey colour.
  • Exterior terraces, sidewalks and pedestrian circulation areas of emergency will be covered with exterior tiles or ceramic exterior tiles.
  • Balconies and terraces will have safety railing with H = 1.00 m, of metal manufacturing and parapet of aluminium composite panels or tinted secured glass - these materials do not degrade over time
  • The green area will be landscaped with grass and vegetation of small, medium and large height
  • The complex will be equipped with playgrounds for children, recreational and leisure areas for the entire family
  • For sports field there will be uses artificial turf and will benefit from night lighting system
  • The basement will have simply painted walls and helicoptered quart concrete
  • The interior stairs, horizontal circulations in the whole the construction will be finished with high quality tiles, resistant to heavy traffic
  • Elevator - from the basement to the top floor. Each scale is equipped with high-speed elevator with a capacity of 6 persons / elevator, designed to resist to fire and not get stuck between stations
  • Parking places with individual purchase agreement (parking place in the basement or outside ones will have Land Registry different from the apartment, the advantage being that then can be sold separately)
  • LED Lighting - staircase, elevators and yard will be illuminated with neon and LED projectors for low cost electricity of common areas
  • Surveillance and controlled access – the complex will benefit from non-stop human surveillance, the entrance gate to the complex being provided with a barrier for car access that can be controlled by remote control or by guard
  • Video surveillance – the access zone and spaces around the building will be video supervised, tenants will have access to real-time imaging and archive of the last 30 days
  • Video Intercom - each apartment will be equipped with the latest video intercom so you always feel safe
  • Each apartment is individually metered: water, gas, electricity
  • Wiessman own central heating plant in condensation and radiators designed for each room depending on the surface and the amount of space glazing
  • Wireless room thermostat - to maintain constant temperature and optimization of gas consumption
  • For walls of apartments and common hallways we have opted for washable bright colours, warm or neutral. In case of half-finished apartments, these will have walls finished with plaster and a layer of washable paint
  • Floor - levelling compound
  • The entrance door of the apartment with high sound insulation

Finished apartments

  • The bathrooms will be covered high quality tiles and at your choice from 5 different variants suggested by our designers and chosen from renowned companies in Italy and Spain. They will be equipped with bathroom furniture, washbasin, toilet bowl and suspended tank embedded in the wall, shower or bathtub and Kludi taps  
  • The kitchens will have tiles on the walls with countertop from the height of 90 cm to 1.40 m, and floor tiles.
  • Rooms with laminate flooring of 11 mm thick and will be available in three colours and will have under it a sound-insulating layer
  • Interior doors with melamine foil, available in three shades
  • Outlets and switches
  • Walls in white washable paint

Images from our last complex, Bonjour Residence

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